Samantha + Jeff

This was my second Wedding at Mnt. Woodson Castle this year and a perfect example of how my assistant and I made it look like a completely different Venue, focusing our attention on a completely different part of the property and we nailed the images! Finding the...

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Sarah + Crispin

Cheers to having a having a beautiful beach Wedding at Sunset Cliffs in the winter when the weather is amazing here in San Diego! See more images! [gallery type="slideshow" size="full"...

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Taler + Valentinio

This was a magical Wedding at Ocean View Ballast Point on the military base. This Wedding was not easy for me to pull off, I had an extremely large Wedding Party and because Bride did not want to do a first look and she wanted a sunset ceremony I was forced to...

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Meeker Wedding

This Wedding was spectacular every step of the way, you just have to see the images for yourself. I was able to get the absolute most out of my time with the Bride and the Groom by our team effort and well planning. The Bride and Groom and I were on the same page from...

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ZERO Prostate Cancer Run 2016

Every Year we team up to raise money for Prostate Cancer awareness and to raise money for Cancer reasearch. What better way to spend a Summer Morning then going out to do something positive for a good cause! Please check out to get involved and...

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Shannon + Danny

Beautiful Venue, electric people and vibrate suits/dresses was just part of the magic! The second part of the magic was the photography! My associate and I had equipment fail us along with a few other minor curve balls and it did not hinder us one bit we still...

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Cristina + Ryan

I was very blessed to become friends with these amazing souls, and I was their first choice when it came to making amazing captures of their special Wedding Day! The Wedding took place at beautiful Kona Kai, and we were able to photograph just about every square inch...

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