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Cheyenne’s Maternity Images

Here is a beautiful shoot of Cheyenne and her growing family. Special thanks to Daryl Prober and her girl friends for styling and doing hair and make-up from Paul Mitchell School San Diego.

0001BCPCheyenne Cheyennes Maternity Images 0002BCPCheyenne Cheyennes Maternity Images 0003BCPCheyenne Cheyennes Maternity Images 0004BCPCheyenne Cheyennes Maternity Images 0005BCPCheyenne Cheyennes Maternity Images 0006BCPCheyenne Cheyennes Maternity Images 0007BCPCheyenne Cheyennes Maternity Images 0008BCPCheyenne Cheyennes Maternity Images 0009BCPCheyenne Cheyennes Maternity Images 0010BCPCheyenne Cheyennes Maternity Images 0011BCPCheyenne Cheyennes Maternity Images 0012BCPCheyenne Cheyennes Maternity Images 0013BCPCheyenne Cheyennes Maternity Images 0014BCPCheyenne Cheyennes Maternity Images 0015BCPCheyenne Cheyennes Maternity Images 0016BCPCheyenne Cheyennes Maternity Images 0017BCPCheyenne Cheyennes Maternity Images 0018BCPCheyenne Cheyennes Maternity Images 0019BCPCheyenne Cheyennes Maternity Images 0020BCPCheyenne Cheyennes Maternity Images 0021BCPCheyenne Cheyennes Maternity Images 0022BCPCheyenne Cheyennes Maternity Images 0023BCPCheyenne Cheyennes Maternity Images 0024BCPCheyenne Cheyennes Maternity Images 0025BCPCheyenne Cheyennes Maternity Images 0026BCPCheyenne Cheyennes Maternity Images

Bubba Finn’s 1 year

Bubba Finn’s 1 year images!

0001BCPbubbaFinn Bubba Finns 1 year0002BCPbubbaFinn Bubba Finns 1 year0003BCPbubbaFinn Bubba Finns 1 year0004BCPbubbaFinn Bubba Finns 1 year0005BCPbubbaFinn Bubba Finns 1 year0006BCPbubbaFinn Bubba Finns 1 year0007BCPbubbaFinn Bubba Finns 1 year0008BCPbubbaFinn Bubba Finns 1 year0009BCPbubbaFinn Bubba Finns 1 year0010BCPbubbaFinn Bubba Finns 1 year0011BCPbubbaFinn Bubba Finns 1 year0012BCPbubbaFinn Bubba Finns 1 year0013BCPbubbaFinn Bubba Finns 1 year0014BCPbubbaFinn Bubba Finns 1 year

No Bigg Spring 2014

It is No Bigg Spring 2014 down on the reefs of San Diego, Calif.
Shop No Bigg

0001bcpnobiggspring No Bigg Spring 20140002bcpnobiggspring No Bigg Spring 20140003bcpnobiggspring No Bigg Spring 20140004bcpnobiggspring No Bigg Spring 20140005bcpnobiggspring No Bigg Spring 20140006bcpnobiggspring No Bigg Spring 20140007bcpnobiggspring No Bigg Spring 20140008bcpnobiggspring No Bigg Spring 20140009bcpnobiggspring No Bigg Spring 20140010bcpnobiggspring No Bigg Spring 20140011bcpnobiggspring No Bigg Spring 20140012bcpnobiggspring No Bigg Spring 20140013bcpnobiggspring No Bigg Spring 20140014bcpnobiggspring No Bigg Spring 20140015bcpnobiggspring No Bigg Spring 20140016bcpnobiggspring No Bigg Spring 2014

Brigjette & Chris’s Wedding Images

Check out the amazing images from this beautiful Wedding at Morgan Run in Rancho Santa Fe!

0001BCPBnCWed Brigjette & Chriss Wedding Images0002BCPBnCWed Brigjette & Chriss Wedding Images0003BCPBnCWed Brigjette & Chriss Wedding Images0004BCPBnCWed Brigjette & Chriss Wedding Images0005BCPBnCWed Brigjette & Chriss Wedding Images0006BCPBnCWed Brigjette & Chriss Wedding Images0007BCPBnCWed Brigjette & Chriss Wedding Images0008BCPBnCWed Brigjette & Chriss Wedding Images0009BCPBnCWed Brigjette & Chriss Wedding Images0010BCPBnCWed Brigjette & Chriss Wedding Images0011BCPBnCWed Brigjette & Chriss Wedding Images0012BCPBnCWed Brigjette & Chriss Wedding Images0013BCPBnCWed Brigjette & Chriss Wedding Images0014BCPBnCWed Brigjette & Chriss Wedding Images0015BCPBnCWed Brigjette & Chriss Wedding Images0016BCPBnCWed Brigjette & Chriss Wedding Images0017BCPBnCWed Brigjette & Chriss Wedding Images0018BCPBnCWed Brigjette & Chriss Wedding Images0019BCPBnCWed Brigjette & Chriss Wedding Images0020BCPBnCWed Brigjette & Chriss Wedding Images0021BCPBnCWed Brigjette & Chriss Wedding Images0022BCPBnCWed Brigjette & Chriss Wedding Images0023BCPBnCWed Brigjette & Chriss Wedding Images0024BCPBnCWed Brigjette & Chriss Wedding Images0025BCPBnCWed Brigjette & Chriss Wedding Images0026BCPBnCWed Brigjette & Chriss Wedding Images0027BCPBnCWed Brigjette & Chriss Wedding Images0028BCPBnCWed Brigjette & Chriss Wedding Images0029BCPBnCWed Brigjette & Chriss Wedding Images0030BCPBnCWed Brigjette & Chriss Wedding Images0031BCPBnCWed Brigjette & Chriss Wedding Images0032BCPBnCWed Brigjette & Chriss Wedding Images0033BCPBnCWed Brigjette & Chriss Wedding Images0034BCPBnCWed Brigjette & Chriss Wedding Images0035BCPBnCWed Brigjette & Chriss Wedding Images0036BCPBnCWed Brigjette & Chriss Wedding Images0037BCPBnCWed Brigjette & Chriss Wedding Images0038BCPBnCWed Brigjette & Chriss Wedding Images0039BCPBnCWed Brigjette & Chriss Wedding Images0040BCPBnCWed Brigjette & Chriss Wedding Images0041BCPBnCWed Brigjette & Chriss Wedding Images0042BCPBnCWed Brigjette & Chriss Wedding Images0043BCPBnCWed Brigjette & Chriss Wedding Images0044BCPBnCWed Brigjette & Chriss Wedding Images0045BCPBnCWed Brigjette & Chriss Wedding Images0046BCPBnCWed Brigjette & Chriss Wedding Images0047BCPBnCWed Brigjette & Chriss Wedding Images0048BCPBnCWed Brigjette & Chriss Wedding Images0049BCPBnCWed Brigjette & Chriss Wedding Images0050BCPBnCWed Brigjette & Chriss Wedding Images0051BCPBnCWed Brigjette & Chriss Wedding Images0052BCPBnCWed Brigjette & Chriss Wedding Images0053BCPBnCWed Brigjette & Chriss Wedding Images0054BCPBnCWed Brigjette & Chriss Wedding Images0055BCPBnCWed Brigjette & Chriss Wedding Images0056BCPBnCWed Brigjette & Chriss Wedding Images0057BCPBnCWed Brigjette & Chriss Wedding Images0058BCPBnCWed Brigjette & Chriss Wedding Images0059BCPBnCWed Brigjette & Chriss Wedding Images0060BCPBnCWed Brigjette & Chriss Wedding Images0061BCPBnCWed Brigjette & Chriss Wedding Images0062BCPBnCWed Brigjette & Chriss Wedding Images0063BCPBnCWed Brigjette & Chriss Wedding Images0064BCPBnCWed Brigjette & Chriss Wedding Images0065BCPBnCWed Brigjette & Chriss Wedding Images0066BCPBnCWed Brigjette & Chriss Wedding Images0067BCPBnCWed Brigjette & Chriss Wedding Images0068BCPBnCWed Brigjette & Chriss Wedding Images0069BCPBnCWed Brigjette & Chriss Wedding Images0070BCPBnCWed Brigjette & Chriss Wedding Images0071BCPBnCWed Brigjette & Chriss Wedding Images0072BCPBnCWed Brigjette & Chriss Wedding Images0073BCPBnCWed Brigjette & Chriss Wedding Images0074BCPBnCWed Brigjette & Chriss Wedding Images0075BCPBnCWed Brigjette & Chriss Wedding Images0076BCPBnCWed Brigjette & Chriss Wedding Images0077BCPBnCWed Brigjette & Chriss Wedding Images0078BCPBnCWed Brigjette & Chriss Wedding Images0079BCPBnCWed Brigjette & Chriss Wedding Images0080BCPBnCWed Brigjette & Chriss Wedding Images0081BCPBnCWed Brigjette & Chriss Wedding Images0082BCPBnCWed Brigjette & Chriss Wedding Images0083BCPBnCWed Brigjette & Chriss Wedding Images0084BCPBnCWed Brigjette & Chriss Wedding Images0085BCPBnCWed Brigjette & Chriss Wedding Images0086BCPBnCWed Brigjette & Chriss Wedding Images0087BCPBnCWed Brigjette & Chriss Wedding Images0088BCPBnCWed Brigjette & Chriss Wedding Images0089BCPBnCWed Brigjette & Chriss Wedding Images0090BCPBnCWed Brigjette & Chriss Wedding Images0091BCPBnCWed Brigjette & Chriss Wedding Images0092BCPBnCWed Brigjette & Chriss Wedding Images0093BCPBnCWed Brigjette & Chriss Wedding Images0094BCPBnCWed Brigjette & Chriss Wedding Images0095BCPBnCWed Brigjette & Chriss Wedding Images0096BCPBnCWed Brigjette & Chriss Wedding Images0097BCPBnCWed Brigjette & Chriss Wedding Images0098BCPBnCWed Brigjette & Chriss Wedding Images0099BCPBnCWed Brigjette & Chriss Wedding Images0100BCPBnCWed Brigjette & Chriss Wedding Images0101BCPBnCWed Brigjette & Chriss Wedding Images

Birgjette & Chris Engagement Images

0001BCPBC Birgjette & Chris Engagement Images0002BCPBC Birgjette & Chris Engagement Images0003BCPBC Birgjette & Chris Engagement Images0004BCPBC Birgjette & Chris Engagement Images0005BCPBC Birgjette & Chris Engagement Images0006BCPBC Birgjette & Chris Engagement Images0007BCPBC Birgjette & Chris Engagement Images0008BCPBC Birgjette & Chris Engagement Images0009BCPBC Birgjette & Chris Engagement Images0010BCPBC Birgjette & Chris Engagement Images0011BCPBC Birgjette & Chris Engagement Images0012BCPBC Birgjette & Chris Engagement Images0013BCPBC Birgjette & Chris Engagement Images0014BCPBC Birgjette & Chris Engagement Images0015BCPBC Birgjette & Chris Engagement Images0016BCPBC Birgjette & Chris Engagement Images0017BCPBC Birgjette & Chris Engagement Images0018BCPBC Birgjette & Chris Engagement Images0019BCPBC Birgjette & Chris Engagement Images0020BCPBC Birgjette & Chris Engagement Images0021BCPBC Birgjette & Chris Engagement Images0022BCPBC Birgjette & Chris Engagement Images0023BCPBC Birgjette & Chris Engagement Images0024BCPBC Birgjette & Chris Engagement Images0025BCPBC Birgjette & Chris Engagement Images

Epic Beach Wedding Images!

BCPweb007 Epic Beach Wedding Images!BCPweb010 Epic Beach Wedding Images!BCPweb005 Epic Beach Wedding Images!BCPweb001 Epic Beach Wedding Images!BCPweb002 Epic Beach Wedding Images!BCPweb015 Epic Beach Wedding Images!BCPweb003 Epic Beach Wedding Images!BCPweb004 Epic Beach Wedding Images!BCPweb013 Epic Beach Wedding Images!BCPweb006 Epic Beach Wedding Images!BCPweb008 Epic Beach Wedding Images!BCPweb009 Epic Beach Wedding Images!BCPweb011 Epic Beach Wedding Images!BCPweb017 Epic Beach Wedding Images!BCPweb012 Epic Beach Wedding Images!BCPweb014 Epic Beach Wedding Images!BCPweb016 Epic Beach Wedding Images!BCPweb018 Epic Beach Wedding Images!BCPweb019 Epic Beach Wedding Images!BCPweb020 Epic Beach Wedding Images!BCPweb021 Epic Beach Wedding Images!BCPweb022 Epic Beach Wedding Images!BCPweb023 Epic Beach Wedding Images!BCPweb024 Epic Beach Wedding Images!BCPweb025 Epic Beach Wedding Images!BCPweb026 Epic Beach Wedding Images!BCPweb027 Epic Beach Wedding Images!BCPweb028 Epic Beach Wedding Images!BCPweb029 Epic Beach Wedding Images!BCPweb030 Epic Beach Wedding Images!BCPweb031 Epic Beach Wedding Images!BCPweb032 Epic Beach Wedding Images!BCPweb033 Epic Beach Wedding Images!BCPweb034 Epic Beach Wedding Images!BCPweb035 Epic Beach Wedding Images!BCPweb036 Epic Beach Wedding Images!BCPweb037 Epic Beach Wedding Images!BCPweb038 Epic Beach Wedding Images!BCPweb039 Epic Beach Wedding Images!BCPweb040 Epic Beach Wedding Images!BCPweb041 Epic Beach Wedding Images!BCPweb042 Epic Beach Wedding Images!BCPweb043 Epic Beach Wedding Images!BCPweb044 Epic Beach Wedding Images!BCPweb045 Epic Beach Wedding Images!BCPweb046 Epic Beach Wedding Images!BCPweb047 Epic Beach Wedding Images!BCPweb048 Epic Beach Wedding Images!BCPweb049 Epic Beach Wedding Images!BCPweb050 Epic Beach Wedding Images!BCPweb051 Epic Beach Wedding Images!BCPweb052 Epic Beach Wedding Images!BCPweb053 Epic Beach Wedding Images!BCPweb054 Epic Beach Wedding Images!BCPweb055 Epic Beach Wedding Images!BCPweb056 Epic Beach Wedding Images!BCPweb057 Epic Beach Wedding Images!BCPweb058 Epic Beach Wedding Images!BCPweb059 Epic Beach Wedding Images!BCPweb060 Epic Beach Wedding Images!BCPweb061 Epic Beach Wedding Images!BCPweb062 Epic Beach Wedding Images!BCPweb063 Epic Beach Wedding Images!BCPweb064 Epic Beach Wedding Images!BCPweb065 Epic Beach Wedding Images!BCPweb066 Epic Beach Wedding Images!BCPweb067 Epic Beach Wedding Images!BCPweb068 Epic Beach Wedding Images!BCPweb069 Epic Beach Wedding Images!BCPweb070 Epic Beach Wedding Images!BCPweb071 Epic Beach Wedding Images!BCPweb072 Epic Beach Wedding Images!BCPweb073 Epic Beach Wedding Images!BCPweb074 Epic Beach Wedding Images!BCPweb075 Epic Beach Wedding Images!BCPweb076 Epic Beach Wedding Images!BCPweb077 Epic Beach Wedding Images!BCPweb078 Epic Beach Wedding Images!BCPweb079 Epic Beach Wedding Images!BCPweb080 Epic Beach Wedding Images!BCPweb081 Epic Beach Wedding Images!BCPweb082 Epic Beach Wedding Images!BCPweb083 Epic Beach Wedding Images!BCPweb084 Epic Beach Wedding Images!BCPweb085 Epic Beach Wedding Images!BCPweb086 Epic Beach Wedding Images!BCPweb087 Epic Beach Wedding Images!BCPweb088 Epic Beach Wedding Images!BCPweb089 Epic Beach Wedding Images!BCPweb090 Epic Beach Wedding Images!BCPweb091 Epic Beach Wedding Images!BCPweb092 Epic Beach Wedding Images!BCPweb093 Epic Beach Wedding Images!BCPweb094 Epic Beach Wedding Images!BCPweb095 Epic Beach Wedding Images!BCPweb096 Epic Beach Wedding Images!BCPweb097 Epic Beach Wedding Images!BCPweb098 Epic Beach Wedding Images!BCPweb099 Epic Beach Wedding Images!BCPweb100 Epic Beach Wedding Images!BCPweb101 Epic Beach Wedding Images!BCPweb102 Epic Beach Wedding Images!BCPweb103 Epic Beach Wedding Images!BCPweb104 Epic Beach Wedding Images!BCPweb105 Epic Beach Wedding Images!BCPweb106 Epic Beach Wedding Images!BCPweb107 Epic Beach Wedding Images!BCPweb108 Epic Beach Wedding Images!BCPweb109 Epic Beach Wedding Images!BCPweb110 Epic Beach Wedding Images!BCPweb111 Epic Beach Wedding Images!BCPweb112 Epic Beach Wedding Images!BCPweb113 Epic Beach Wedding Images!BCPweb114 Epic Beach Wedding Images!BCPweb115 Epic Beach Wedding Images!BCPweb116 Epic Beach Wedding Images!BCPweb117 Epic Beach Wedding Images!BCPweb118 Epic Beach Wedding Images!BCPweb119 Epic Beach Wedding Images!BCPweb120 Epic Beach Wedding Images!BCPweb121 Epic Beach Wedding Images!BCPweb122 Epic Beach Wedding Images!BCPweb123 Epic Beach Wedding Images!BCPweb124 Epic Beach Wedding Images!BCPweb125 Epic Beach Wedding Images!BCPweb126 Epic Beach Wedding Images!BCPweb127 Epic Beach Wedding Images!BCPweb128 Epic Beach Wedding Images!BCPweb129 Epic Beach Wedding Images!BCPweb130 Epic Beach Wedding Images!BCPweb131 Epic Beach Wedding Images!BCPweb132 Epic Beach Wedding Images!BCPweb133 Epic Beach Wedding Images!BCPweb134 Epic Beach Wedding Images!BCPweb135 Epic Beach Wedding Images!BCPweb136 Epic Beach Wedding Images!BCPweb137 Epic Beach Wedding Images!BCPweb138 Epic Beach Wedding Images!BCPweb139 Epic Beach Wedding Images!BCPweb140 Epic Beach Wedding Images!BCPweb141 Epic Beach Wedding Images!BCPweb142 Epic Beach Wedding Images!BCPweb143 Epic Beach Wedding Images!BCPweb144 Epic Beach Wedding Images!BCPweb145 Epic Beach Wedding Images!BCPweb146 Epic Beach Wedding Images!BCPweb147 Epic Beach Wedding Images!BCPweb148 Epic Beach Wedding Images!BCPweb149 Epic Beach Wedding Images!BCPweb150 Epic Beach Wedding Images!BCPweb151 Epic Beach Wedding Images!BCPweb152 Epic Beach Wedding Images!BCPweb153 Epic Beach Wedding Images!BCPweb154 Epic Beach Wedding Images!BCPweb155 Epic Beach Wedding Images!BCPweb156 Epic Beach Wedding Images!BCPweb157 Epic Beach Wedding Images!BCPweb158 Epic Beach Wedding Images!BCPweb159 Epic Beach Wedding Images!BCPweb160 Epic Beach Wedding Images!
Geoff and Jane had recently got married and the photographers they hired had camera failures and on top of that they had formatted their digital film erassing the couples Wedding images. Fortunately Geoff and Jane had been following my work and and they immediately contacted me to shoot their Wedding images to replace the ones the other photographers lost. I was there to save the day, when the other photographers messed up. Here are the amazing images! Remember to always hire the right photographer the first time, I won’t let you down.

Caleb and family Portraits

What a cute lil man! Check out Caleb and his family portraits!

BCPCaleb006 (1) Caleb and family Portraits BCPCaleb001 (1) Caleb and family Portraits BCPCaleb002 (1) Caleb and family Portraits BCPCaleb003 Caleb and family Portraits BCPCaleb004 (1) Caleb and family Portraits BCPCaleb005 Caleb and family Portraits BCPCaleb007 (1) Caleb and family Portraits BCPCaleb008 (1) Caleb and family Portraits BCPCaleb009 (1) Caleb and family Portraits BCPCaleb010 (1) Caleb and family Portraits BCPCaleb011 Caleb and family Portraits BCPCaleb012 (1) Caleb and family Portraits BCPCaleb013 (1) Caleb and family Portraits BCPCaleb014 Caleb and family Portraits BCPCaleb015 Caleb and family Portraits BCPCaleb016 (1) Caleb and family Portraits BCPCaleb017 (1) Caleb and family Portraits BCPCaleb018 (1) Caleb and family Portraits BCPCaleb019 (1) Caleb and family Portraits BCPCaleb020 (1) Caleb and family Portraits BCPCaleb021 (1) Caleb and family Portraits BCPCaleb022 (1) Caleb and family Portraits BCPCaleb023 (1) Caleb and family Portraits BCPCaleb024 (1) Caleb and family Portraits BCPCaleb025 (1) Caleb and family Portraits

Engagement Photos

Even at the worst time of day 1pm, I find ways to find nice soft light. Check out these love birds images!

IMG 7464 Engagement PhotosIMG 7458 Engagement PhotosIMG 7473 Engagement PhotosIMG 7476 Engagement PhotosIMG 7484 Engagement PhotosIMG 7492 Engagement PhotosIMG 7498 Engagement PhotosIMG 7509 Engagement PhotosIMG 7315 Engagement Photos

Amazing Photography Service!

Senior Photos

Everyone remembers there Senior photos. The way I see senior photos is a way to connect the Senior with there surrounding and make images that will always be timeless and special for that particular Seniors family and friends, yet also has relevance for that Senior, whether it’s a special place or a place that has significant meaning to them.

c63 BCPsenior001 Senior PhotosBCPsenior002 Senior Photosc50 BCPsenior003 Senior Photosc54 BCPsenior004 Senior Photosc57 BCPsenior005 Senior PhotosBCPsenior006 Senior Photosc20 BCPsenior007 Senior Photos

Lou Poletti 95th Birthday

Lou is as sharp as a tack at age 95, and it was an honor and privilege to document his Birthday Event.

c0 star5019 Lou Poletti 95th Birthdayc1 star5057 Lou Poletti 95th Birthdayc10 star5007 Lou Poletti 95th Birthdayc100 star5052 Lou Poletti 95th Birthdayc12 star5008 Lou Poletti 95th Birthdayc12 star5049 Lou Poletti 95th Birthdayc14 star5013 Lou Poletti 95th Birthdayc14 star5029 Lou Poletti 95th Birthdayc15 star5069 Lou Poletti 95th Birthdayc2 star5009 Lou Poletti 95th Birthdayc2 star5023 Lou Poletti 95th Birthdayc22 star5012 Lou Poletti 95th Birthdayc22 star5034 Lou Poletti 95th Birthdayc23 star5065 Lou Poletti 95th Birthdayc24 star5027 Lou Poletti 95th Birthdayc27 star5043 Lou Poletti 95th Birthdayc28 star5041 Lou Poletti 95th Birthdayc28 star5061 Lou Poletti 95th Birthdayc28 star5072 Lou Poletti 95th Birthdayc32 star5048 Lou Poletti 95th Birthdayc33 star5030 Lou Poletti 95th Birthdayc33 star5060 Lou Poletti 95th Birthdayc35 star5020 Lou Poletti 95th Birthdayc35 star5025 Lou Poletti 95th Birthdayc37 star5003 Lou Poletti 95th Birthdayc37 star5004 Lou Poletti 95th Birthdayc37 star5058 Lou Poletti 95th Birthdayc38 star5011 Lou Poletti 95th Birthdayc38 star5046 Lou Poletti 95th Birthdayc38 star5053 Lou Poletti 95th Birthdayc39 star5044 Lou Poletti 95th Birthdayc39 star5071 Lou Poletti 95th Birthdayc4 star5056 Lou Poletti 95th Birthdayc4 star5074 Lou Poletti 95th Birthdayc40 star5039 Lou Poletti 95th Birthdayc41 star5045 Lou Poletti 95th Birthdayc42 star5032 Lou Poletti 95th Birthdayc44 star5077 Lou Poletti 95th Birthdayc45 star5001 Lou Poletti 95th Birthdayc50 star5031 Lou Poletti 95th Birthdayc55 star5002 Lou Poletti 95th Birthdayc55 star5018 Lou Poletti 95th Birthdayc56 star5024 Lou Poletti 95th Birthdayc57 star5076 Lou Poletti 95th Birthdayc58 star5014 Lou Poletti 95th Birthdayc58 star5068 Lou Poletti 95th Birthdayc59 star5021 Lou Poletti 95th Birthdayc60 star5006 Lou Poletti 95th Birthdayc63 star5035 Lou Poletti 95th Birthdayc66 star5015 Lou Poletti 95th Birthdayc66 star5067 Lou Poletti 95th Birthdayc66 star5070 Lou Poletti 95th Birthdayc68 star5005 Lou Poletti 95th Birthdayc68 star5026 Lou Poletti 95th Birthdayc70 star5063 Lou Poletti 95th Birthdayc71 star5038 Lou Poletti 95th Birthdayc72 star5073 Lou Poletti 95th Birthdayc75 star5064 Lou Poletti 95th Birthdayc8 star5033 Lou Poletti 95th Birthdayc8 star5047 Lou Poletti 95th Birthdayc81 star5075 Lou Poletti 95th Birthdayc83 star5016 Lou Poletti 95th Birthdayc83 star5066 Lou Poletti 95th Birthdayc85 star5010 Lou Poletti 95th Birthdayc85 star5054 Lou Poletti 95th Birthdayc87 star5051 Lou Poletti 95th Birthdayc88 star5022 Lou Poletti 95th Birthdayc88 star5059 Lou Poletti 95th Birthdayc88 star5062 Lou Poletti 95th Birthdayc89 star5028 Lou Poletti 95th Birthdayc89 star5037 Lou Poletti 95th Birthdayc9 star5017 Lou Poletti 95th Birthdayc90 star5050 Lou Poletti 95th Birthdayc92 star5055 Lou Poletti 95th Birthdayc93 star5040 Lou Poletti 95th Birthdayc93 star5042 Lou Poletti 95th Birthdayc95 star5078 Lou Poletti 95th Birthdayc98 star5036 Lou Poletti 95th Birthday

Sherry and Brandon’s Wedding at Maderas!

Truly a beautiful wedding! I really have no words, you will just have to see the images!

GandyWedding001 Sherry and Brandons Wedding at Maderas!GandyWedding002 Sherry and Brandons Wedding at Maderas!GandyWedding003 Sherry and Brandons Wedding at Maderas!GandyWedding004 Sherry and Brandons Wedding at Maderas!GandyWedding005 Sherry and Brandons Wedding at Maderas!GandyWedding006 Sherry and Brandons Wedding at Maderas!GandyWedding007 Sherry and Brandons Wedding at Maderas!GandyWedding008 Sherry and Brandons Wedding at Maderas!GandyWedding009 Sherry and Brandons Wedding at Maderas!GandyWedding010 Sherry and Brandons Wedding at Maderas!GandyWedding011 Sherry and Brandons Wedding at Maderas!GandyWedding012 Sherry and Brandons Wedding at Maderas!GandyWedding013 Sherry and Brandons Wedding at Maderas!GandyWedding014 Sherry and Brandons Wedding at Maderas!GandyWedding015 Sherry and Brandons Wedding at Maderas!GandyWedding016 Sherry and Brandons Wedding at Maderas!GandyWedding017 Sherry and Brandons Wedding at Maderas!GandyWedding018 Sherry and Brandons Wedding at Maderas!GandyWedding019 Sherry and Brandons Wedding at Maderas!GandyWedding020 Sherry and Brandons Wedding at Maderas!GandyWedding021 Sherry and Brandons Wedding at Maderas!GandyWedding022 Sherry and Brandons Wedding at Maderas!GandyWedding023 Sherry and Brandons Wedding at Maderas!GandyWedding024 Sherry and Brandons Wedding at Maderas!GandyWedding025 Sherry and Brandons Wedding at Maderas!GandyWedding026 Sherry and Brandons Wedding at Maderas!GandyWedding027 Sherry and Brandons Wedding at Maderas!GandyWedding028 Sherry and Brandons Wedding at Maderas!GandyWedding029 Sherry and Brandons Wedding at Maderas!GandyWedding030 Sherry and Brandons Wedding at Maderas!GandyWedding031 Sherry and Brandons Wedding at Maderas!GandyWedding032 Sherry and Brandons Wedding at Maderas!GandyWedding033 Sherry and Brandons Wedding at Maderas!GandyWedding034 Sherry and Brandons Wedding at Maderas!GandyWedding035 Sherry and Brandons Wedding at Maderas!GandyWedding036 Sherry and Brandons Wedding at Maderas!GandyWedding037 Sherry and Brandons Wedding at Maderas!GandyWedding038 Sherry and Brandons Wedding at Maderas!GandyWedding039 Sherry and Brandons Wedding at Maderas!GandyWedding040 Sherry and Brandons Wedding at Maderas!GandyWedding041 Sherry and Brandons Wedding at Maderas!GandyWedding042 Sherry and Brandons Wedding at Maderas!GandyWedding043 Sherry and Brandons Wedding at Maderas!GandyWedding044 Sherry and Brandons Wedding at Maderas!GandyWedding045 Sherry and Brandons Wedding at Maderas!GandyWedding046 Sherry and Brandons Wedding at Maderas!GandyWedding047 Sherry and Brandons Wedding at Maderas!GandyWedding048 Sherry and Brandons Wedding at Maderas!GandyWedding049 Sherry and Brandons Wedding at Maderas!GandyWedding050 Sherry and Brandons Wedding at Maderas!GandyWedding051 Sherry and Brandons Wedding at Maderas!GandyWedding052 Sherry and Brandons Wedding at Maderas!GandyWedding053 Sherry and Brandons Wedding at Maderas!GandyWedding054 Sherry and Brandons Wedding at Maderas!GandyWedding055 Sherry and Brandons Wedding at Maderas!GandyWedding056 Sherry and Brandons Wedding at Maderas!GandyWedding057 Sherry and Brandons Wedding at Maderas!GandyWedding058 Sherry and Brandons Wedding at Maderas!GandyWedding059 Sherry and Brandons Wedding at Maderas!GandyWedding060 Sherry and Brandons Wedding at Maderas!GandyWedding061 Sherry and Brandons Wedding at Maderas!GandyWedding062 Sherry and Brandons Wedding at Maderas!GandyWedding063 Sherry and Brandons Wedding at Maderas!GandyWedding064 Sherry and Brandons Wedding at Maderas!GandyWedding065 Sherry and Brandons Wedding at Maderas!GandyWedding066 Sherry and Brandons Wedding at Maderas!GandyWedding067 Sherry and Brandons Wedding at Maderas!GandyWedding068 Sherry and Brandons Wedding at Maderas!GandyWedding069 Sherry and Brandons Wedding at Maderas!GandyWedding070 Sherry and Brandons Wedding at Maderas!GandyWedding071 Sherry and Brandons Wedding at Maderas!GandyWedding072 Sherry and Brandons Wedding at Maderas!GandyWedding073 Sherry and Brandons Wedding at Maderas!GandyWedding074 Sherry and Brandons Wedding at Maderas!GandyWedding075 Sherry and Brandons Wedding at Maderas!GandyWedding076 Sherry and Brandons Wedding at Maderas!GandyWedding077 Sherry and Brandons Wedding at Maderas!GandyWedding078 Sherry and Brandons Wedding at Maderas!GandyWedding079 Sherry and Brandons Wedding at Maderas!GandyWedding080 Sherry and Brandons Wedding at Maderas!GandyWedding081 Sherry and Brandons Wedding at Maderas!GandyWedding082 Sherry and Brandons Wedding at Maderas!GandyWedding083 Sherry and Brandons Wedding at Maderas!GandyWedding084 Sherry and Brandons Wedding at Maderas!GandyWedding085 Sherry and Brandons Wedding at Maderas!GandyWedding086 Sherry and Brandons Wedding at Maderas!GandyWedding087 Sherry and Brandons Wedding at Maderas!GandyWedding088 Sherry and Brandons Wedding at Maderas!GandyWedding089 Sherry and Brandons Wedding at Maderas!GandyWedding090 Sherry and Brandons Wedding at Maderas!GandyWedding091 Sherry and Brandons Wedding at Maderas!GandyWedding092 Sherry and Brandons Wedding at Maderas!GandyWedding093 Sherry and Brandons Wedding at Maderas!GandyWedding094 Sherry and Brandons Wedding at Maderas!GandyWedding095 Sherry and Brandons Wedding at Maderas!GandyWedding096 Sherry and Brandons Wedding at Maderas!GandyWedding097 Sherry and Brandons Wedding at Maderas!GandyWedding098 Sherry and Brandons Wedding at Maderas!GandyWedding099 Sherry and Brandons Wedding at Maderas!GandyWedding100 Sherry and Brandons Wedding at Maderas!GandyWedding101 Sherry and Brandons Wedding at Maderas!GandyWedding102 Sherry and Brandons Wedding at Maderas!GandyWedding103 Sherry and Brandons Wedding at Maderas!GandyWedding104 Sherry and Brandons Wedding at Maderas!GandyWedding105 Sherry and Brandons Wedding at Maderas!GandyWedding106 Sherry and Brandons Wedding at Maderas!GandyWedding107 Sherry and Brandons Wedding at Maderas!GandyWedding108 Sherry and Brandons Wedding at Maderas!GandyWedding109 Sherry and Brandons Wedding at Maderas!GandyWedding110 Sherry and Brandons Wedding at Maderas!GandyWedding111 Sherry and Brandons Wedding at Maderas!GandyWedding112 Sherry and Brandons Wedding at Maderas!GandyWedding113 Sherry and Brandons Wedding at Maderas!GandyWedding114 Sherry and Brandons Wedding at Maderas!GandyWedding115 Sherry and Brandons Wedding at Maderas!GandyWedding116 Sherry and Brandons Wedding at Maderas!GandyWedding117 Sherry and Brandons Wedding at Maderas!

Michael and Sammie’s 5th Birthday!

Always fun when family and friends get together to celebrate the twins Birthday! See how many other sets of twins you spot too, crazy.

5th01 Michael and Sammies 5th Birthday!5th02 Michael and Sammies 5th Birthday!5th03 Michael and Sammies 5th Birthday!5th04 Michael and Sammies 5th Birthday!5th05 Michael and Sammies 5th Birthday!5th06 Michael and Sammies 5th Birthday!5th07 Michael and Sammies 5th Birthday!5th08 Michael and Sammies 5th Birthday!5th09 Michael and Sammies 5th Birthday!5th10 Michael and Sammies 5th Birthday!5th11 Michael and Sammies 5th Birthday!5th12 Michael and Sammies 5th Birthday!5th13 Michael and Sammies 5th Birthday!5th14 Michael and Sammies 5th Birthday!5th15 Michael and Sammies 5th Birthday!5th16 Michael and Sammies 5th Birthday!5th17 Michael and Sammies 5th Birthday!5th18 Michael and Sammies 5th Birthday!5th19 Michael and Sammies 5th Birthday!5th20 Michael and Sammies 5th Birthday!5th21 Michael and Sammies 5th Birthday!5th22 Michael and Sammies 5th Birthday!5th23 Michael and Sammies 5th Birthday!5th24 Michael and Sammies 5th Birthday!5th25 Michael and Sammies 5th Birthday!5th26 Michael and Sammies 5th Birthday!5th27 Michael and Sammies 5th Birthday!5th28 Michael and Sammies 5th Birthday!5th29 Michael and Sammies 5th Birthday!5th30 Michael and Sammies 5th Birthday!5th31 Michael and Sammies 5th Birthday!5th32 Michael and Sammies 5th Birthday!5th33 Michael and Sammies 5th Birthday!5th34 Michael and Sammies 5th Birthday!5th35 Michael and Sammies 5th Birthday!

Cassie and Johnny’s Engagement Images

We headed out to get a little country, and that is just what we did! Check out the latest and greatest!

CassienJohnny01 Cassie and Johnnys Engagement ImagesCassienJohnny02 Cassie and Johnnys Engagement ImagesCassienJohnny03 Cassie and Johnnys Engagement ImagesCassienJohnny04 Cassie and Johnnys Engagement ImagesCassienJohnny05 Cassie and Johnnys Engagement ImagesCassienJohnny06 Cassie and Johnnys Engagement ImagesCassienJohnny07 Cassie and Johnnys Engagement ImagesCassienJohnny08 Cassie and Johnnys Engagement ImagesCassienJohnny09 Cassie and Johnnys Engagement ImagesCassienJohnny10 Cassie and Johnnys Engagement ImagesCassienJohnny11 Cassie and Johnnys Engagement ImagesCassienJohnny12 Cassie and Johnnys Engagement ImagesCassienJohnny13 Cassie and Johnnys Engagement ImagesCassienJohnny14 Cassie and Johnnys Engagement ImagesCassienJohnny15 Cassie and Johnnys Engagement ImagesCassienJohnny16 Cassie and Johnnys Engagement ImagesCassienJohnny17 Cassie and Johnnys Engagement ImagesCassienJohnny18 Cassie and Johnnys Engagement Images

Rady Children’s Hospital Heart Party

Children’s Hospital has a big Valentine’s party for the kids and their family’s every year. I gladly help out and take their photographs, this is my third year in a row now and it is cool to see the same faces and remember the kids from previous years . Some of these kids have been getting their picture taken every year at this event for the last fifteen years. This is very rewarding for me to give back to my community and it comes straight from the heart. Here are some of the images and a few outtakes!

Childrens Hospital09 Rady Childrens Hospital Heart PartyChildrens Hospital04 Rady Childrens Hospital Heart PartyChildrens Hospital01 Rady Childrens Hospital Heart PartyChildrens Hospital02 Rady Childrens Hospital Heart PartyChildrens Hospital03 Rady Childrens Hospital Heart PartyChildrens Hospital05 Rady Childrens Hospital Heart PartyChildrens Hospital07 Rady Childrens Hospital Heart PartyChildrens Hospital08 Rady Childrens Hospital Heart PartyChildrens Hospital10 Rady Childrens Hospital Heart PartyChildrens Hospital11 Rady Childrens Hospital Heart PartyChildrens Hospital12 Rady Childrens Hospital Heart PartyChildrens Hospital13 Rady Childrens Hospital Heart PartyChildrens Hospital14 Rady Childrens Hospital Heart PartyChildrens Hospital15 Rady Childrens Hospital Heart PartyChildrens Hospital16 Rady Childrens Hospital Heart PartyChildrens Hospital17 Rady Childrens Hospital Heart PartyChildrens Hospital18 Rady Childrens Hospital Heart PartyChildrens Hospital19 Rady Childrens Hospital Heart PartyChildrens Hospital20 Rady Childrens Hospital Heart PartyChildrens Hospital21 Rady Childrens Hospital Heart PartyChildrens Hospital22 Rady Childrens Hospital Heart PartyChildrens Hospital23 Rady Childrens Hospital Heart PartyChildrens Hospital24 Rady Childrens Hospital Heart Party

Happy Holidays!

My kid brothers and I would like to wish everyone a Happy Holiday!

Colberts 201001 Happy Holidays!Colberts 201002 Happy Holidays!Colberts 201003 Happy Holidays!Colberts 201004 Happy Holidays!Colberts 201005 Happy Holidays!

Family Portraits

What started as simple family portraits turned into some real great story telling moments!