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Localian Original

Had a great time working with bad ass people and making a fun little concept video with the San Diego clothing company Localian Original! To stop in and shop around go to Localian Original, they have dope threads, snapback hats, and super cool accessories!

Localian Original Brand Teaser from Brandon Colbert on Vimeo.

No Bigg Spring 2014

It is No Bigg Spring 2014 down on the reefs of San Diego, Calif.
Shop No Bigg


Eco Minded Solutions Home Remodel

Eco Minded Solutions from Brandon Colbert on Vimeo.

2012 IIDA Trunk Show

Epic video from the International Interior Design Association’s Trunk show. This video is of the Trunk Show leading up to the fashion show where the teams raced to grab the fabrics for the runway show. This was a huge hit leading into the IIDA Fashion Show April 5th, 2012. Seamless editing and a ton of video coverage the night of the trunk show made this video pop. Check it out!

Do Something NOW!

Fortunate to work and contribute my time to helping the non-profit Do Something NOW, I was able to put together a short video of the images and videos they brought back from their recent trip to South Africa. Do Something Now donated over 100 bikes to small villages to help their students get to and from class everyday. This not only betters the students quailty of life, but it also betters their chances of success and education attainment.

T.B. Penick & Sons Corporate video

For the last couple months Dane Penick, Alex Foster, Alison Christian and I have teamed up to make T.B. Penick & Sons Corporate videos. We have boosted our production value and cemented seamless editing to get the most comprehensive marketing videos from the truths of real people. These commercials are not only great video testimonials, but valuable moving visual imagery for the corporate spot light. Big Ups to the team and all their hard work! Here are a few of the videos.

T.B. Penick & Sons Corporate videos