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Localian Original

Had a great time working with bad ass people and making a fun little concept video with the San Diego clothing company Localian Original! To stop in and shop around go to Localian Original, they have dope threads, snapback hats, and super cool accessories!

Localian Original Brand Teaser from Brandon Colbert on Vimeo.

No Bigg Spring 2014

It is No Bigg Spring 2014 down on the reefs of San Diego, Calif.
Shop No Bigg


Eco Minded Solutions Home Remodel

Eco Minded Solutions from Brandon Colbert on Vimeo.

Gruber Wedding Video

Check out this Wedding Video Masterpiece!

The Gruber Wedding from Brandon Colbert on Vimeo.

Check Out the last Fall 2014 Shoot with NO BIGG!

Peters/Shepelwich Wedding Video!

Check out this beautiful Wedding Video!

Ashley and Casey’s Weddings Day from Brandon Colbert on Vimeo.

Kristin & Ryan’s Wedding Day!

Such a beautiful and amazing couple, and this a representation to how happy and fun their magical Wedding Day was! Enjoy the movie!

Kristins & Ryan’s Wedding Day from Brandon Colbert on Vimeo.

Mikku and Airi’s Wedding Film

Beautiful small intimate Wedding! The Film was a nice touch and added great value to the couples special day.

Jenna and Jesse’s Wedding still/video

Epic images plus a Highlight Video of Jenna and Jesse’s Wedding Day September 8th, 2012. Special thanks to Alex Foster for all the hard work and delicate time spent editing!


IIDA Fashion Show Video 2012

The 2012 Haute Couture Fashion Show was a major success. Alex Foster and I teamed up to create all the video content and coverage of the International Interior Design Associations’s 12th anniversary Fashion Show. Orange County is the birth place of IIDA and they really know how to raise the bar for their very own Fashion Show. Check out these elaborate designs as they hit the runway!

2012 IIDA Trunk Show

Epic video from the International Interior Design Association’s Trunk show. This video is of the Trunk Show leading up to the fashion show where the teams raced to grab the fabrics for the runway show. This was a huge hit leading into the IIDA Fashion Show April 5th, 2012. Seamless editing and a ton of video coverage the night of the trunk show made this video pop. Check it out!

T.B. Penick & Sons Corporate video

For the last couple months Dane Penick, Alex Foster, Alison Christian and I have teamed up to make T.B. Penick & Sons Corporate videos. We have boosted our production value and cemented seamless editing to get the most comprehensive marketing videos from the truths of real people. These commercials are not only great video testimonials, but valuable moving visual imagery for the corporate spot light. Big Ups to the team and all their hard work! Here are a few of the videos.

T.B. Penick & Sons Corporate videos

Sherry and Brandon’s Wedding Film

A beautiful wedding captured on film makes your unforgettable wedding a living memory. Don’t regret not having your day documented in style!

Sherry and Brandon’s Wedding from Brandon Colbert on Vimeo.

Bar Mitzvah Video

Stephen Geller’s Bar Mitzva from Brandon Colbert on Vimeo.

Add just a touch of Video to your Wedding!

All your magical moments wrapped up in video is the ultimate gift, forever!

Jaclyn and Mike’s Wedding from Brandon Colbert on Vimeo.

Now you can add video to your perfect Wedding!

I now have the perfect team of super talented photographers and “video gods” working with me. We now are offering still and video packages at a discounted rate. This is the way to go! Especially, if you are considering video for your wedding! Here is a great reason why sticking with a team is important. Let’s say you hire a photographer and a separate video shooter, now you have two sets of people fighting over the same shot. In my opinion, still photographs are the priority, however, if you have the still shooter and a “video god” on same page, the power of video and the quality of the image will be masterful. Check out this short trailer from the last video wedding we shot!

Wedding Trailer from Brandon Colbert on Vimeo.

The Power of Multimedia

I was driving on the 56 freeway when Jordan called and said she needed my help with her portfolio, I assumed she wanted me to sit down and help her edit it. I later found out she wanted me to shoot her print portfolio for her upcoming interviews. Ohhh and by the way my first interview is Saturday morning, and it’s Thursday! I immediately stopped her and said, “How cool would it be to show them a one and a half minute intro video of who you are, and few things from you portfolio?” So we shot and I edited this up all in one day!

Pre Game Charger Victory Dance

Ran into the Funkmeyers

I was down at Chrystal Pier looking for a feature, an image that evokes emotion or a single frame that challenges you to look further, and I stumbled upon these spiritual love birds! Without asking any questions I immediately started shooting video…..

RIP Andy Irons

I had the great fortune to meet Andy Irons last summer at the U.S. Open and below a short interview with the surf legend. Funny Guy……

Andy Irons