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Mike + Katie Wedding Video

This is yet another great example of what my crew and I can produce! Congrats Mike and Katie of your very special Wedding Day!

Mike & Katie Wedding Video from Brandon Colbert on Vimeo.

No Bigg Spring 2014

It is No Bigg Spring 2014 down on the reefs of San Diego, Calif.
Shop No Bigg

0001bcpnobiggspring No Bigg Spring 20140002bcpnobiggspring No Bigg Spring 20140003bcpnobiggspring No Bigg Spring 20140004bcpnobiggspring No Bigg Spring 20140005bcpnobiggspring No Bigg Spring 20140006bcpnobiggspring No Bigg Spring 20140007bcpnobiggspring No Bigg Spring 20140008bcpnobiggspring No Bigg Spring 20140009bcpnobiggspring No Bigg Spring 20140010bcpnobiggspring No Bigg Spring 20140011bcpnobiggspring No Bigg Spring 20140012bcpnobiggspring No Bigg Spring 20140013bcpnobiggspring No Bigg Spring 20140014bcpnobiggspring No Bigg Spring 20140015bcpnobiggspring No Bigg Spring 20140016bcpnobiggspring No Bigg Spring 2014

Brigjette & Chris’s Wedding Images

Check out the amazing images from this beautiful Wedding at Morgan Run in Rancho Santa Fe!

0001BCPBnCWed Brigjette & Chriss Wedding Images0002BCPBnCWed Brigjette & Chriss Wedding Images0003BCPBnCWed Brigjette & Chriss Wedding Images0004BCPBnCWed Brigjette & Chriss Wedding Images0005BCPBnCWed Brigjette & Chriss Wedding Images0006BCPBnCWed Brigjette & Chriss Wedding Images0007BCPBnCWed Brigjette & Chriss Wedding Images0008BCPBnCWed Brigjette & Chriss Wedding Images0009BCPBnCWed Brigjette & Chriss Wedding Images0010BCPBnCWed Brigjette & Chriss Wedding Images0011BCPBnCWed Brigjette & Chriss Wedding Images0012BCPBnCWed Brigjette & Chriss Wedding Images0013BCPBnCWed Brigjette & Chriss Wedding Images0014BCPBnCWed Brigjette & Chriss Wedding Images0015BCPBnCWed Brigjette & Chriss Wedding Images0016BCPBnCWed Brigjette & Chriss Wedding Images0017BCPBnCWed Brigjette & Chriss Wedding Images0018BCPBnCWed Brigjette & Chriss Wedding Images0019BCPBnCWed Brigjette & Chriss Wedding Images0020BCPBnCWed Brigjette & Chriss Wedding Images0021BCPBnCWed Brigjette & Chriss Wedding Images0022BCPBnCWed Brigjette & Chriss Wedding Images0023BCPBnCWed Brigjette & Chriss Wedding Images0024BCPBnCWed Brigjette & Chriss Wedding Images0025BCPBnCWed Brigjette & Chriss Wedding Images0026BCPBnCWed Brigjette & Chriss Wedding Images0027BCPBnCWed Brigjette & Chriss Wedding Images0028BCPBnCWed Brigjette & Chriss Wedding Images0029BCPBnCWed Brigjette & Chriss Wedding Images0030BCPBnCWed Brigjette & Chriss Wedding Images0031BCPBnCWed Brigjette & Chriss Wedding Images0032BCPBnCWed Brigjette & Chriss Wedding Images0033BCPBnCWed Brigjette & Chriss Wedding Images0034BCPBnCWed Brigjette & Chriss Wedding Images0035BCPBnCWed Brigjette & Chriss Wedding Images0036BCPBnCWed Brigjette & Chriss Wedding Images0037BCPBnCWed Brigjette & Chriss Wedding Images0038BCPBnCWed Brigjette & Chriss Wedding Images0039BCPBnCWed Brigjette & Chriss Wedding Images0040BCPBnCWed Brigjette & Chriss Wedding Images0041BCPBnCWed Brigjette & Chriss Wedding Images0042BCPBnCWed Brigjette & Chriss Wedding Images0043BCPBnCWed Brigjette & Chriss Wedding Images0044BCPBnCWed Brigjette & Chriss Wedding Images0045BCPBnCWed Brigjette & Chriss Wedding Images0046BCPBnCWed Brigjette & Chriss Wedding Images0047BCPBnCWed Brigjette & Chriss Wedding Images0048BCPBnCWed Brigjette & Chriss Wedding Images0049BCPBnCWed Brigjette & Chriss Wedding Images0050BCPBnCWed Brigjette & Chriss Wedding Images0051BCPBnCWed Brigjette & Chriss Wedding Images0052BCPBnCWed Brigjette & Chriss Wedding Images0053BCPBnCWed Brigjette & Chriss Wedding Images0054BCPBnCWed Brigjette & Chriss Wedding Images0055BCPBnCWed Brigjette & Chriss Wedding Images0056BCPBnCWed Brigjette & Chriss Wedding Images0057BCPBnCWed Brigjette & Chriss Wedding Images0058BCPBnCWed Brigjette & Chriss Wedding Images0059BCPBnCWed Brigjette & Chriss Wedding Images0060BCPBnCWed Brigjette & Chriss Wedding Images0061BCPBnCWed Brigjette & Chriss Wedding Images0062BCPBnCWed Brigjette & Chriss Wedding Images0063BCPBnCWed Brigjette & Chriss Wedding Images0064BCPBnCWed Brigjette & Chriss Wedding Images0065BCPBnCWed Brigjette & Chriss Wedding Images0066BCPBnCWed Brigjette & Chriss Wedding Images0067BCPBnCWed Brigjette & Chriss Wedding Images0068BCPBnCWed Brigjette & Chriss Wedding Images0069BCPBnCWed Brigjette & Chriss Wedding Images0070BCPBnCWed Brigjette & Chriss Wedding Images0071BCPBnCWed Brigjette & Chriss Wedding Images0072BCPBnCWed Brigjette & Chriss Wedding Images0073BCPBnCWed Brigjette & Chriss Wedding Images0074BCPBnCWed Brigjette & Chriss Wedding Images0075BCPBnCWed Brigjette & Chriss Wedding Images0076BCPBnCWed Brigjette & Chriss Wedding Images0077BCPBnCWed Brigjette & Chriss Wedding Images0078BCPBnCWed Brigjette & Chriss Wedding Images0079BCPBnCWed Brigjette & Chriss Wedding Images0080BCPBnCWed Brigjette & Chriss Wedding Images0081BCPBnCWed Brigjette & Chriss Wedding Images0082BCPBnCWed Brigjette & Chriss Wedding Images0083BCPBnCWed Brigjette & Chriss Wedding Images0084BCPBnCWed Brigjette & Chriss Wedding Images0085BCPBnCWed Brigjette & Chriss Wedding Images0086BCPBnCWed Brigjette & Chriss Wedding Images0087BCPBnCWed Brigjette & Chriss Wedding Images0088BCPBnCWed Brigjette & Chriss Wedding Images0089BCPBnCWed Brigjette & Chriss Wedding Images0090BCPBnCWed Brigjette & Chriss Wedding Images0091BCPBnCWed Brigjette & Chriss Wedding Images0092BCPBnCWed Brigjette & Chriss Wedding Images0093BCPBnCWed Brigjette & Chriss Wedding Images0094BCPBnCWed Brigjette & Chriss Wedding Images0095BCPBnCWed Brigjette & Chriss Wedding Images0096BCPBnCWed Brigjette & Chriss Wedding Images0097BCPBnCWed Brigjette & Chriss Wedding Images0098BCPBnCWed Brigjette & Chriss Wedding Images0099BCPBnCWed Brigjette & Chriss Wedding Images0100BCPBnCWed Brigjette & Chriss Wedding Images0101BCPBnCWed Brigjette & Chriss Wedding Images

Gruber Wedding Video

Check out this Wedding Video Masterpiece!

The Gruber Wedding from Brandon Colbert on Vimeo.

Peters/Shepelwich Wedding Video!

Check out this beautiful Wedding Video!

Ashley and Casey’s Weddings Day from Brandon Colbert on Vimeo.

Palm Springs Wedding

Chris and Ashley’s beautiful images in front of the windmills.

BCP windmill001 Palm Springs WeddingBCP windmill002 Palm Springs WeddingBCP windmill003 Palm Springs WeddingBCP windmill004 Palm Springs WeddingBCP windmill005 Palm Springs WeddingBCP windmill006 Palm Springs WeddingBCP windmill007 Palm Springs WeddingBCP windmill008 Palm Springs WeddingBCP windmill009 Palm Springs WeddingBCP windmill010 Palm Springs WeddingBCP windmill011 Palm Springs WeddingBCP windmill012 Palm Springs WeddingBCP windmill013 Palm Springs WeddingBCP windmill014 Palm Springs WeddingBCP windmill015 Palm Springs WeddingBCP windmill016 Palm Springs WeddingBCP windmill017 Palm Springs Wedding

Epic Beach Wedding Images!

BCPweb007 Epic Beach Wedding Images!BCPweb010 Epic Beach Wedding Images!BCPweb005 Epic Beach Wedding Images!BCPweb001 Epic Beach Wedding Images!BCPweb002 Epic Beach Wedding Images!BCPweb015 Epic Beach Wedding Images!BCPweb003 Epic Beach Wedding Images!BCPweb004 Epic Beach Wedding Images!BCPweb013 Epic Beach Wedding Images!BCPweb006 Epic Beach Wedding Images!BCPweb008 Epic Beach Wedding Images!BCPweb009 Epic Beach Wedding Images!BCPweb011 Epic Beach Wedding Images!BCPweb017 Epic Beach Wedding Images!BCPweb012 Epic Beach Wedding Images!BCPweb014 Epic Beach Wedding Images!BCPweb016 Epic Beach Wedding Images!BCPweb018 Epic Beach Wedding Images!BCPweb019 Epic Beach Wedding Images!BCPweb020 Epic Beach Wedding Images!BCPweb021 Epic Beach Wedding Images!BCPweb022 Epic Beach Wedding Images!BCPweb023 Epic Beach Wedding Images!BCPweb024 Epic Beach Wedding Images!BCPweb025 Epic Beach Wedding Images!BCPweb026 Epic Beach Wedding Images!BCPweb027 Epic Beach Wedding Images!BCPweb028 Epic Beach Wedding Images!BCPweb029 Epic Beach Wedding Images!BCPweb030 Epic Beach Wedding Images!BCPweb031 Epic Beach Wedding Images!BCPweb032 Epic Beach Wedding Images!BCPweb033 Epic Beach Wedding Images!BCPweb034 Epic Beach Wedding Images!BCPweb035 Epic Beach Wedding Images!BCPweb036 Epic Beach Wedding Images!BCPweb037 Epic Beach Wedding Images!BCPweb038 Epic Beach Wedding Images!BCPweb039 Epic Beach Wedding Images!BCPweb040 Epic Beach Wedding Images!BCPweb041 Epic Beach Wedding Images!BCPweb042 Epic Beach Wedding Images!BCPweb043 Epic Beach Wedding Images!BCPweb044 Epic Beach Wedding Images!BCPweb045 Epic Beach Wedding Images!BCPweb046 Epic Beach Wedding Images!BCPweb047 Epic Beach Wedding Images!BCPweb048 Epic Beach Wedding Images!BCPweb049 Epic Beach Wedding Images!BCPweb050 Epic Beach Wedding Images!BCPweb051 Epic Beach Wedding Images!BCPweb052 Epic Beach Wedding Images!BCPweb053 Epic Beach Wedding Images!BCPweb054 Epic Beach Wedding Images!BCPweb055 Epic Beach Wedding Images!BCPweb056 Epic Beach Wedding Images!BCPweb057 Epic Beach Wedding Images!BCPweb058 Epic Beach Wedding Images!BCPweb059 Epic Beach Wedding Images!BCPweb060 Epic Beach Wedding Images!BCPweb061 Epic Beach Wedding Images!BCPweb062 Epic Beach Wedding Images!BCPweb063 Epic Beach Wedding Images!BCPweb064 Epic Beach Wedding Images!BCPweb065 Epic Beach Wedding Images!BCPweb066 Epic Beach Wedding Images!BCPweb067 Epic Beach Wedding Images!BCPweb068 Epic Beach Wedding Images!BCPweb069 Epic Beach Wedding Images!BCPweb070 Epic Beach Wedding Images!BCPweb071 Epic Beach Wedding Images!BCPweb072 Epic Beach Wedding Images!BCPweb073 Epic Beach Wedding Images!BCPweb074 Epic Beach Wedding Images!BCPweb075 Epic Beach Wedding Images!BCPweb076 Epic Beach Wedding Images!BCPweb077 Epic Beach Wedding Images!BCPweb078 Epic Beach Wedding Images!BCPweb079 Epic Beach Wedding Images!BCPweb080 Epic Beach Wedding Images!BCPweb081 Epic Beach Wedding Images!BCPweb082 Epic Beach Wedding Images!BCPweb083 Epic Beach Wedding Images!BCPweb084 Epic Beach Wedding Images!BCPweb085 Epic Beach Wedding Images!BCPweb086 Epic Beach Wedding Images!BCPweb087 Epic Beach Wedding Images!BCPweb088 Epic Beach Wedding Images!BCPweb089 Epic Beach Wedding Images!BCPweb090 Epic Beach Wedding Images!BCPweb091 Epic Beach Wedding Images!BCPweb092 Epic Beach Wedding Images!BCPweb093 Epic Beach Wedding Images!BCPweb094 Epic Beach Wedding Images!BCPweb095 Epic Beach Wedding Images!BCPweb096 Epic Beach Wedding Images!BCPweb097 Epic Beach Wedding Images!BCPweb098 Epic Beach Wedding Images!BCPweb099 Epic Beach Wedding Images!BCPweb100 Epic Beach Wedding Images!BCPweb101 Epic Beach Wedding Images!BCPweb102 Epic Beach Wedding Images!BCPweb103 Epic Beach Wedding Images!BCPweb104 Epic Beach Wedding Images!BCPweb105 Epic Beach Wedding Images!BCPweb106 Epic Beach Wedding Images!BCPweb107 Epic Beach Wedding Images!BCPweb108 Epic Beach Wedding Images!BCPweb109 Epic Beach Wedding Images!BCPweb110 Epic Beach Wedding Images!BCPweb111 Epic Beach Wedding Images!BCPweb112 Epic Beach Wedding Images!BCPweb113 Epic Beach Wedding Images!BCPweb114 Epic Beach Wedding Images!BCPweb115 Epic Beach Wedding Images!BCPweb116 Epic Beach Wedding Images!BCPweb117 Epic Beach Wedding Images!BCPweb118 Epic Beach Wedding Images!BCPweb119 Epic Beach Wedding Images!BCPweb120 Epic Beach Wedding Images!BCPweb121 Epic Beach Wedding Images!BCPweb122 Epic Beach Wedding Images!BCPweb123 Epic Beach Wedding Images!BCPweb124 Epic Beach Wedding Images!BCPweb125 Epic Beach Wedding Images!BCPweb126 Epic Beach Wedding Images!BCPweb127 Epic Beach Wedding Images!BCPweb128 Epic Beach Wedding Images!BCPweb129 Epic Beach Wedding Images!BCPweb130 Epic Beach Wedding Images!BCPweb131 Epic Beach Wedding Images!BCPweb132 Epic Beach Wedding Images!BCPweb133 Epic Beach Wedding Images!BCPweb134 Epic Beach Wedding Images!BCPweb135 Epic Beach Wedding Images!BCPweb136 Epic Beach Wedding Images!BCPweb137 Epic Beach Wedding Images!BCPweb138 Epic Beach Wedding Images!BCPweb139 Epic Beach Wedding Images!BCPweb140 Epic Beach Wedding Images!BCPweb141 Epic Beach Wedding Images!BCPweb142 Epic Beach Wedding Images!BCPweb143 Epic Beach Wedding Images!BCPweb144 Epic Beach Wedding Images!BCPweb145 Epic Beach Wedding Images!BCPweb146 Epic Beach Wedding Images!BCPweb147 Epic Beach Wedding Images!BCPweb148 Epic Beach Wedding Images!BCPweb149 Epic Beach Wedding Images!BCPweb150 Epic Beach Wedding Images!BCPweb151 Epic Beach Wedding Images!BCPweb152 Epic Beach Wedding Images!BCPweb153 Epic Beach Wedding Images!BCPweb154 Epic Beach Wedding Images!BCPweb155 Epic Beach Wedding Images!BCPweb156 Epic Beach Wedding Images!BCPweb157 Epic Beach Wedding Images!BCPweb158 Epic Beach Wedding Images!BCPweb159 Epic Beach Wedding Images!BCPweb160 Epic Beach Wedding Images!
Geoff and Jane had recently got married and the photographers they hired had camera failures and on top of that they had formatted their digital film erassing the couples Wedding images. Fortunately Geoff and Jane had been following my work and and they immediately contacted me to shoot their Wedding images to replace the ones the other photographers lost. I was there to save the day, when the other photographers messed up. Here are the amazing images! Remember to always hire the right photographer the first time, I won’t let you down.

Heather and Ben’s Wedding Day

Beautiful Wedding images, Heather and Ben tie the knot and here a few of there moments before and after there ceremony. Epic team Walter Wilson Studios and Brandon Colbert Photography! Enjoy!

BCPHB001 Heather and Bens Wedding DayBCPHB006 Heather and Bens Wedding DayBCPHB002 Heather and Bens Wedding DayBCPHB005 Heather and Bens Wedding DayBCPHB004 Heather and Bens Wedding DayBCPHB007 Heather and Bens Wedding DayBCPHB003 Heather and Bens Wedding DayBCPHB008 Heather and Bens Wedding DayBCPHB009 Heather and Bens Wedding DayBCPHB010 Heather and Bens Wedding DayBCPHB011 Heather and Bens Wedding DayBCPHB012 Heather and Bens Wedding DayBCPHB013 Heather and Bens Wedding DayBCPHB014 Heather and Bens Wedding DayBCPHB015 Heather and Bens Wedding DayBCPHB016 Heather and Bens Wedding Day

Cinco de Mayo Wedding Video!

Check out this epic Wedding Video of Nicole and Gonzalo’s Wedding. Special thanks to Alex Foster for the edit.

Lynette and Steve’s Wedding

Beautiful La Jolla Wedding. Check out Lynette and Steve’s perfect moments come to life as they tie the knot.

LS001 Lynette and Steves WeddingLS002 Lynette and Steves WeddingLS003 Lynette and Steves WeddingLS004 Lynette and Steves WeddingLS005 Lynette and Steves WeddingLS006 Lynette and Steves WeddingLS007 Lynette and Steves WeddingLS008 Lynette and Steves WeddingLS009 Lynette and Steves WeddingLS010 Lynette and Steves WeddingLS011 Lynette and Steves WeddingLS012 Lynette and Steves WeddingLS013 Lynette and Steves WeddingLS014 Lynette and Steves WeddingLS015 Lynette and Steves WeddingLS016 Lynette and Steves WeddingLS017 Lynette and Steves WeddingLS018 Lynette and Steves WeddingLS019 Lynette and Steves WeddingLS020 Lynette and Steves WeddingLS021 Lynette and Steves WeddingLS022 Lynette and Steves WeddingLS023 Lynette and Steves WeddingLS024 Lynette and Steves WeddingLS025 Lynette and Steves WeddingLS026 Lynette and Steves WeddingLS027 Lynette and Steves WeddingLS028 Lynette and Steves WeddingLS029 Lynette and Steves WeddingLS030 Lynette and Steves WeddingLS031 Lynette and Steves WeddingLS032 Lynette and Steves WeddingLS033 Lynette and Steves WeddingLS034 Lynette and Steves WeddingLS035 Lynette and Steves WeddingLS036 Lynette and Steves Wedding

Sarah and Jonathan’s Wedding

Sleek and fresh images from Sarah and Jonathan’s Wedding. Check out cool images of the Wedding Party at the Airport!

sj001 Sarah and Jonathans Weddingsj002 Sarah and Jonathans Weddingsj003 Sarah and Jonathans Weddingsj004 Sarah and Jonathans Weddingsj005 Sarah and Jonathans Weddingsj006 Sarah and Jonathans Weddingsj007 Sarah and Jonathans Weddingsj008 Sarah and Jonathans Weddingsj009 Sarah and Jonathans Weddingsj010 Sarah and Jonathans Weddingsj011 Sarah and Jonathans Weddingsj012 Sarah and Jonathans Weddingsj013 Sarah and Jonathans Weddingsj014 Sarah and Jonathans Weddingsj015 Sarah and Jonathans Weddingsj016 Sarah and Jonathans Weddingsj017 Sarah and Jonathans Weddingsj018 Sarah and Jonathans Weddingsj019 Sarah and Jonathans Weddingsj020 Sarah and Jonathans Weddingsj021 Sarah and Jonathans Weddingsj022 Sarah and Jonathans Wedding

Sherry and Brandon’s Wedding Film

A beautiful wedding captured on film makes your unforgettable wedding a living memory. Don’t regret not having your day documented in style!

Sherry and Brandon’s Wedding from Brandon Colbert on Vimeo.

Tommy and Megan’s Wedding

TKMEGwedding001 Tommy and Megans WeddingTKMEGwedding002 Tommy and Megans WeddingTKMEGwedding003 Tommy and Megans WeddingTKMEGwedding004 Tommy and Megans WeddingTKMEGwedding005 Tommy and Megans WeddingTKMEGwedding006 Tommy and Megans WeddingTKMEGwedding007 Tommy and Megans WeddingTKMEGwedding008 Tommy and Megans WeddingTKMEGwedding009 Tommy and Megans WeddingTKMEGwedding010 Tommy and Megans WeddingTKMEGwedding011 Tommy and Megans WeddingTKMEGwedding012 Tommy and Megans WeddingTKMEGwedding013 Tommy and Megans WeddingTKMEGwedding014 Tommy and Megans WeddingTKMEGwedding015 Tommy and Megans WeddingTKMEGwedding016 Tommy and Megans WeddingTKMEGwedding018 Tommy and Megans WeddingTKMEGwedding019 Tommy and Megans WeddingTKMEGwedding020 Tommy and Megans WeddingTKMEGwedding021 Tommy and Megans WeddingTKMEGwedding022 Tommy and Megans WeddingTKMEGwedding023 Tommy and Megans WeddingTKMEGwedding024 Tommy and Megans WeddingTKMEGwedding025 Tommy and Megans WeddingTKMEGwedding026 Tommy and Megans WeddingTKMEGwedding027 Tommy and Megans WeddingTKMEGwedding028 Tommy and Megans WeddingTKMEGwedding029 Tommy and Megans WeddingTKMEGwedding030 Tommy and Megans WeddingTKMEGwedding031 Tommy and Megans WeddingTKMEGwedding032 Tommy and Megans WeddingTKMEGwedding033 Tommy and Megans WeddingTKMEGwedding034 Tommy and Megans WeddingTKMEGwedding035 Tommy and Megans WeddingTKMEGwedding036 Tommy and Megans WeddingTKMEGwedding037 Tommy and Megans WeddingTKMEGwedding038 Tommy and Megans WeddingTKMEGwedding039 Tommy and Megans WeddingTKMEGwedding041 Tommy and Megans WeddingTKMEGwedding042 Tommy and Megans WeddingTKMEGwedding043 Tommy and Megans WeddingTKMEGwedding044 Tommy and Megans WeddingTKMEGwedding045 Tommy and Megans WeddingTKMEGwedding046 Tommy and Megans WeddingTKMEGwedding047 Tommy and Megans WeddingTKMEGwedding048 Tommy and Megans WeddingTKMEGwedding049 Tommy and Megans WeddingTKMEGwedding050 Tommy and Megans WeddingTKMEGwedding051 Tommy and Megans WeddingTKMEGwedding052 Tommy and Megans WeddingTKMEGwedding053 Tommy and Megans WeddingTKMEGwedding054 Tommy and Megans WeddingTKMEGwedding055 Tommy and Megans WeddingTKMEGwedding056 Tommy and Megans WeddingTKMEGwedding057 Tommy and Megans WeddingTKMEGwedding058 Tommy and Megans WeddingTKMEGwedding059 Tommy and Megans WeddingTKMEGwedding060 Tommy and Megans WeddingTKMEGwedding061 Tommy and Megans WeddingTKMEGwedding062 Tommy and Megans WeddingTKMEGwedding063 Tommy and Megans WeddingTKMEGwedding064 Tommy and Megans WeddingTKMEGwedding065 Tommy and Megans Wedding
Could not of asked for a more picture perfect day to get married. These love birds finally tied the knot in La Jolla, and followed up with a perfect reception in Little Italy. Check out the colors jumping out of these images.

Sherry and Brandon’s Wedding at Maderas!

Truly a beautiful wedding! I really have no words, you will just have to see the images!

GandyWedding001 Sherry and Brandons Wedding at Maderas!GandyWedding002 Sherry and Brandons Wedding at Maderas!GandyWedding003 Sherry and Brandons Wedding at Maderas!GandyWedding004 Sherry and Brandons Wedding at Maderas!GandyWedding005 Sherry and Brandons Wedding at Maderas!GandyWedding006 Sherry and Brandons Wedding at Maderas!GandyWedding007 Sherry and Brandons Wedding at Maderas!GandyWedding008 Sherry and Brandons Wedding at Maderas!GandyWedding009 Sherry and Brandons Wedding at Maderas!GandyWedding010 Sherry and Brandons Wedding at Maderas!GandyWedding011 Sherry and Brandons Wedding at Maderas!GandyWedding012 Sherry and Brandons Wedding at Maderas!GandyWedding013 Sherry and Brandons Wedding at Maderas!GandyWedding014 Sherry and Brandons Wedding at Maderas!GandyWedding015 Sherry and Brandons Wedding at Maderas!GandyWedding016 Sherry and Brandons Wedding at Maderas!GandyWedding017 Sherry and Brandons Wedding at Maderas!GandyWedding018 Sherry and Brandons Wedding at Maderas!GandyWedding019 Sherry and Brandons Wedding at Maderas!GandyWedding020 Sherry and Brandons Wedding at Maderas!GandyWedding021 Sherry and Brandons Wedding at Maderas!GandyWedding022 Sherry and Brandons Wedding at Maderas!GandyWedding023 Sherry and Brandons Wedding at Maderas!GandyWedding024 Sherry and Brandons Wedding at Maderas!GandyWedding025 Sherry and Brandons Wedding at Maderas!GandyWedding026 Sherry and Brandons Wedding at Maderas!GandyWedding027 Sherry and Brandons Wedding at Maderas!GandyWedding028 Sherry and Brandons Wedding at Maderas!GandyWedding029 Sherry and Brandons Wedding at Maderas!GandyWedding030 Sherry and Brandons Wedding at Maderas!GandyWedding031 Sherry and Brandons Wedding at Maderas!GandyWedding032 Sherry and Brandons Wedding at Maderas!GandyWedding033 Sherry and Brandons Wedding at Maderas!GandyWedding034 Sherry and Brandons Wedding at Maderas!GandyWedding035 Sherry and Brandons Wedding at Maderas!GandyWedding036 Sherry and Brandons Wedding at Maderas!GandyWedding037 Sherry and Brandons Wedding at Maderas!GandyWedding038 Sherry and Brandons Wedding at Maderas!GandyWedding039 Sherry and Brandons Wedding at Maderas!GandyWedding040 Sherry and Brandons Wedding at Maderas!GandyWedding041 Sherry and Brandons Wedding at Maderas!GandyWedding042 Sherry and Brandons Wedding at Maderas!GandyWedding043 Sherry and Brandons Wedding at Maderas!GandyWedding044 Sherry and Brandons Wedding at Maderas!GandyWedding045 Sherry and Brandons Wedding at Maderas!GandyWedding046 Sherry and Brandons Wedding at Maderas!GandyWedding047 Sherry and Brandons Wedding at Maderas!GandyWedding048 Sherry and Brandons Wedding at Maderas!GandyWedding049 Sherry and Brandons Wedding at Maderas!GandyWedding050 Sherry and Brandons Wedding at Maderas!GandyWedding051 Sherry and Brandons Wedding at Maderas!GandyWedding052 Sherry and Brandons Wedding at Maderas!GandyWedding053 Sherry and Brandons Wedding at Maderas!GandyWedding054 Sherry and Brandons Wedding at Maderas!GandyWedding055 Sherry and Brandons Wedding at Maderas!GandyWedding056 Sherry and Brandons Wedding at Maderas!GandyWedding057 Sherry and Brandons Wedding at Maderas!GandyWedding058 Sherry and Brandons Wedding at Maderas!GandyWedding059 Sherry and Brandons Wedding at Maderas!GandyWedding060 Sherry and Brandons Wedding at Maderas!GandyWedding061 Sherry and Brandons Wedding at Maderas!GandyWedding062 Sherry and Brandons Wedding at Maderas!GandyWedding063 Sherry and Brandons Wedding at Maderas!GandyWedding064 Sherry and Brandons Wedding at Maderas!GandyWedding065 Sherry and Brandons Wedding at Maderas!GandyWedding066 Sherry and Brandons Wedding at Maderas!GandyWedding067 Sherry and Brandons Wedding at Maderas!GandyWedding068 Sherry and Brandons Wedding at Maderas!GandyWedding069 Sherry and Brandons Wedding at Maderas!GandyWedding070 Sherry and Brandons Wedding at Maderas!GandyWedding071 Sherry and Brandons Wedding at Maderas!GandyWedding072 Sherry and Brandons Wedding at Maderas!GandyWedding073 Sherry and Brandons Wedding at Maderas!GandyWedding074 Sherry and Brandons Wedding at Maderas!GandyWedding075 Sherry and Brandons Wedding at Maderas!GandyWedding076 Sherry and Brandons Wedding at Maderas!GandyWedding077 Sherry and Brandons Wedding at Maderas!GandyWedding078 Sherry and Brandons Wedding at Maderas!GandyWedding079 Sherry and Brandons Wedding at Maderas!GandyWedding080 Sherry and Brandons Wedding at Maderas!GandyWedding081 Sherry and Brandons Wedding at Maderas!GandyWedding082 Sherry and Brandons Wedding at Maderas!GandyWedding083 Sherry and Brandons Wedding at Maderas!GandyWedding084 Sherry and Brandons Wedding at Maderas!GandyWedding085 Sherry and Brandons Wedding at Maderas!GandyWedding086 Sherry and Brandons Wedding at Maderas!GandyWedding087 Sherry and Brandons Wedding at Maderas!GandyWedding088 Sherry and Brandons Wedding at Maderas!GandyWedding089 Sherry and Brandons Wedding at Maderas!GandyWedding090 Sherry and Brandons Wedding at Maderas!GandyWedding091 Sherry and Brandons Wedding at Maderas!GandyWedding092 Sherry and Brandons Wedding at Maderas!GandyWedding093 Sherry and Brandons Wedding at Maderas!GandyWedding094 Sherry and Brandons Wedding at Maderas!GandyWedding095 Sherry and Brandons Wedding at Maderas!GandyWedding096 Sherry and Brandons Wedding at Maderas!GandyWedding097 Sherry and Brandons Wedding at Maderas!GandyWedding098 Sherry and Brandons Wedding at Maderas!GandyWedding099 Sherry and Brandons Wedding at Maderas!GandyWedding100 Sherry and Brandons Wedding at Maderas!GandyWedding101 Sherry and Brandons Wedding at Maderas!GandyWedding102 Sherry and Brandons Wedding at Maderas!GandyWedding103 Sherry and Brandons Wedding at Maderas!GandyWedding104 Sherry and Brandons Wedding at Maderas!GandyWedding105 Sherry and Brandons Wedding at Maderas!GandyWedding106 Sherry and Brandons Wedding at Maderas!GandyWedding107 Sherry and Brandons Wedding at Maderas!GandyWedding108 Sherry and Brandons Wedding at Maderas!GandyWedding109 Sherry and Brandons Wedding at Maderas!GandyWedding110 Sherry and Brandons Wedding at Maderas!GandyWedding111 Sherry and Brandons Wedding at Maderas!GandyWedding112 Sherry and Brandons Wedding at Maderas!GandyWedding113 Sherry and Brandons Wedding at Maderas!GandyWedding114 Sherry and Brandons Wedding at Maderas!GandyWedding115 Sherry and Brandons Wedding at Maderas!GandyWedding116 Sherry and Brandons Wedding at Maderas!GandyWedding117 Sherry and Brandons Wedding at Maderas!

Lauren and Tyler’s Wedding

Congrats on a beautiful day-time Wedding! Check out the images!

c23 LT01 Lauren and Tylers Weddingc62 LT02 Lauren and Tylers Weddingc20 LT04 Lauren and Tylers Weddingc71 LT12 Lauren and Tylers Weddingc20 LT03 Lauren and Tylers Weddingc92 LT05 Lauren and Tylers Weddingc65 LT06 Lauren and Tylers Weddingc55 LT07 Lauren and Tylers Weddingc44 LT09 Lauren and Tylers Weddingc48 LT14 Lauren and Tylers Weddingc2 LT15 Lauren and Tylers Weddingc24 LT10 Lauren and Tylers Weddingc28 LT20 Lauren and Tylers Weddingc0 LT19 Lauren and Tylers Weddingc38 LT08 Lauren and Tylers Weddingc4 LT17 Lauren and Tylers Weddingc86 LT18 Lauren and Tylers Weddingc82 LT13 Lauren and Tylers Weddingc49 LT22 Lauren and Tylers Weddingc9 LT16 Lauren and Tylers Weddingc76 LT11 Lauren and Tylers Weddingc59 LT23 Lauren and Tylers Weddingc45 LT21 Lauren and Tylers Weddingc76 LT33 Lauren and Tylers Weddingc16 LT24 Lauren and Tylers Weddingc63 LT26 Lauren and Tylers Weddingc12 LT27 Lauren and Tylers Weddingc10 LT32 Lauren and Tylers Weddingc91 LT25 Lauren and Tylers Weddingc90 LT28 Lauren and Tylers Weddingc36 LT29 Lauren and Tylers Weddingc97 LT30 Lauren and Tylers Weddingc49 LT31 Lauren and Tylers Weddingc61 LT37 Lauren and Tylers Weddingc48 LT34 Lauren and Tylers Weddingc94 LT39 Lauren and Tylers Weddingc24 LT35 Lauren and Tylers Weddingc60 LT38 Lauren and Tylers Weddingc42 LT36 Lauren and Tylers Weddingc27 LT46 Lauren and Tylers Weddingc29 LT41 Lauren and Tylers Weddingc41 LT43 Lauren and Tylers Weddingc43 LT42 Lauren and Tylers Weddingc100 LT44 Lauren and Tylers Weddingc57 LT55 Lauren and Tylers Weddingc22 LT58 Lauren and Tylers Weddingc72 LT45 Lauren and Tylers Weddingc61 LT61 Lauren and Tylers Weddingc49 LT47 Lauren and Tylers Weddingc30 LT48 Lauren and Tylers Weddingc91 LT49 Lauren and Tylers Weddingc52 LT50 Lauren and Tylers Weddingc57 LT51 Lauren and Tylers Weddingc70 LT52 Lauren and Tylers Weddingc68 LT54 Lauren and Tylers Weddingc96 LT53 Lauren and Tylers Weddingc30 LT40 Lauren and Tylers Weddingc4 LT57 Lauren and Tylers Weddingc55 LT56 Lauren and Tylers Weddingc86 LT59 Lauren and Tylers Weddingc13 LT62 Lauren and Tylers Wedding

Shellee and Steven’s Wedding

Just a small taste of all the great moments!

c34 SSedit21 Shellee and Stevens WeddingSSedit05 1 Shellee and Stevens Weddingc30 SSedit07 Shellee and Stevens Weddingc17 SSedit09 Shellee and Stevens WeddingSSedit08 1 Shellee and Stevens Weddingc68 SSedit11 Shellee and Stevens Weddingc25 SSedit12 Shellee and Stevens Weddingc35 SSedit13 Shellee and Stevens Weddingc78 SSedit14 Shellee and Stevens Weddingc93 SSedit18 Shellee and Stevens Weddingc29 SSedit17 Shellee and Stevens WeddingSSedit19 1 Shellee and Stevens Weddingc37 SSedit22 Shellee and Stevens Weddingc82 SSedit24 Shellee and Stevens WeddingSSedit25 1 Shellee and Stevens Weddingc12 SSedit23 Shellee and Stevens Weddingc80 SSedit20 Shellee and Stevens WeddingSSedit32 1 Shellee and Stevens Weddingc12 SSedit40 Shellee and Stevens Weddingc14 SSedit49 Shellee and Stevens Weddingc1 SSedit47 Shellee and Stevens WeddingSSedit48 1 Shellee and Stevens Weddingc20 SSedit42 Shellee and Stevens Weddingc28 SSedit45 Shellee and Stevens Weddingc29 SSedit31 Shellee and Stevens Weddingc34 SSedit28 Shellee and Stevens Weddingc34 SSedit44 Shellee and Stevens WeddingSSedit33 1 Shellee and Stevens Weddingc52 SSedit38 Shellee and Stevens Weddingc56 SSedit46 Shellee and Stevens Weddingc73 SSedit34 Shellee and Stevens WeddingSSedit37 1 Shellee and Stevens Weddingc73 SSedit35 Shellee and Stevens Weddingc80 SSedit29 Shellee and Stevens Weddingc94 SSedit39 Shellee and Stevens WeddingSSedit30 1 Shellee and Stevens Weddingc96 SSedit43 Shellee and Stevens Weddingc98 SSedit36 Shellee and Stevens Wedding

Jaclyn and Mike’s Wedding

When you have a rockstar team it brings the richest and most pure moments to life! You have to see these Wedding images!

JM01 Jaclyn and Mikes WeddingJM02 Jaclyn and Mikes WeddingJM03 Jaclyn and Mikes WeddingJM04 Jaclyn and Mikes WeddingJM05 Jaclyn and Mikes WeddingJM06 Jaclyn and Mikes WeddingJM07 Jaclyn and Mikes WeddingJM08 Jaclyn and Mikes WeddingJM09 Jaclyn and Mikes WeddingJM10 Jaclyn and Mikes WeddingJM11 Jaclyn and Mikes WeddingJM12 Jaclyn and Mikes WeddingJM13 Jaclyn and Mikes WeddingJM14 Jaclyn and Mikes WeddingJM15 Jaclyn and Mikes WeddingJM16 Jaclyn and Mikes WeddingJM17 Jaclyn and Mikes WeddingJM18 Jaclyn and Mikes WeddingJM19 Jaclyn and Mikes WeddingJM20 Jaclyn and Mikes WeddingJM21 Jaclyn and Mikes WeddingJM22 Jaclyn and Mikes WeddingJM23 Jaclyn and Mikes WeddingJM24 Jaclyn and Mikes WeddingJM25 Jaclyn and Mikes WeddingJM26 Jaclyn and Mikes WeddingJM27 Jaclyn and Mikes WeddingJM28 Jaclyn and Mikes WeddingJM29 Jaclyn and Mikes WeddingJM30 Jaclyn and Mikes WeddingJM31 Jaclyn and Mikes WeddingJM32 Jaclyn and Mikes WeddingJM33 Jaclyn and Mikes WeddingJM34 Jaclyn and Mikes WeddingJM35 Jaclyn and Mikes WeddingJM36 Jaclyn and Mikes WeddingJM37 Jaclyn and Mikes WeddingJM38 Jaclyn and Mikes WeddingJM39 Jaclyn and Mikes WeddingJM40 Jaclyn and Mikes WeddingJM41 Jaclyn and Mikes WeddingJM42 Jaclyn and Mikes WeddingJM43 Jaclyn and Mikes WeddingJM44 Jaclyn and Mikes WeddingJM45 Jaclyn and Mikes WeddingJM46 Jaclyn and Mikes WeddingJM47 Jaclyn and Mikes WeddingJM48 Jaclyn and Mikes WeddingJM49 Jaclyn and Mikes WeddingJM50 Jaclyn and Mikes WeddingJM51 Jaclyn and Mikes WeddingJM52 Jaclyn and Mikes WeddingJM53 Jaclyn and Mikes WeddingJM54 Jaclyn and Mikes WeddingJM55 Jaclyn and Mikes WeddingJM56 Jaclyn and Mikes WeddingJM57 Jaclyn and Mikes WeddingJM58 Jaclyn and Mikes WeddingJM59 Jaclyn and Mikes WeddingJM60 Jaclyn and Mikes WeddingJM61 Jaclyn and Mikes WeddingJM62 Jaclyn and Mikes WeddingJM63 Jaclyn and Mikes WeddingJM64 Jaclyn and Mikes Wedding

Now you can add video to your perfect Wedding!

I now have the perfect team of super talented photographers and “video gods” working with me. We now are offering still and video packages at a discounted rate. This is the way to go! Especially, if you are considering video for your wedding! Here is a great reason why sticking with a team is important. Let’s say you hire a photographer and a separate video shooter, now you have two sets of people fighting over the same shot. In my opinion, still photographs are the priority, however, if you have the still shooter and a “video god” on same page, the power of video and the quality of the image will be masterful. Check out this short trailer from the last video wedding we shot!

Wedding Trailer from Brandon Colbert on Vimeo.

1pm Wedding

The 1 p.m. is always a challenge! The harsh light and hard shadows of a mid-day wedding can ruin your wedding images. Here is a great example of photographing a wedding during extreme light conditions. I achieved successful images by backlighting my subjects, using fill flash, and using open-shade to my advantage. This could of been a disaster for most, however, “the pro” executed seamless beauty.