The San Diego and San Marcos fires that sounded me for two days was so scary and I really did not have a very good understudying of just how close the fires were to me because I am new to the San Marcos area and I am still getting my bearings. Although I was technically supposed to evacuate, I was scared to leave because there were so many of the surrounding roads blocked off and I didn’t want to get stuck away from home. At one point the fires were heading right for me when in an late afternoon instince the off-shore winds did a complete 180, and reversed the fires path, not so sure if my home would of made it had the winds not changed direction. The fire fighters did an amazing job, they saved so many homes it was incredible, especially having been spread so thin by having to fight multiple fires at one time. Reports said they were fighting 8-9 fires at once. For those who lost their homes it was complete tragedy, I could not image.I pray for a strong recovery for those whom lost their homes. After the fires were over I felt this need to go see for myself the surrounding neighborhoods, what I found was quit disturbing, dead animals that were burnt alive, one of the largest transit camps I have ever seen, trash, old cans,beer bottles, burnt pro pain cans, disassembled bicycles and bunch of crazy odds and ends. It was very bizarre, I have no idea what to call this collection of images, the only thing I could come up with is “A Fires Remains,” at this point. Here are few images that stood out.

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