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2012 IIDA Trunk Show

Epic video from the International Interior Design Association’s Trunk show. This video is of the Trunk Show leading up to the fashion show where the teams raced to grab the fabrics for the runway show. This was a huge hit leading into the IIDA Fashion Show April 5th, 2012. Seamless editing and a ton of video coverage the night of the trunk show made this video pop. Check it out!

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Now you can add video to your perfect Wedding!

I now have the perfect team of super talented photographers and “video gods” working with me. We now are offering still and video packages at a discounted rate. This is the way to go! Especially, if you are considering video for your wedding! Here is a great reason why sticking with a team is important. Let’s say you hire a photographer and a separate video shooter, now you have two sets of people fighting over the same shot. In my opinion, still photographs are the priority, however, if you have the still shooter and a “video god” on same page, the power of video and the quality of the image will be masterful. Check out this short trailer from the last video wedding we shot!

Wedding Trailer from Brandon Colbert on Vimeo.

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