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Timeless Vintage Abandon Beauty

Had I passed this shoot up I would have spent the rest of my life kicking myself. I have been sitting on this location for a really long time, and I finally pulled the trigger on it. This was a total success and yet another timeless photo shoot. Big ups to model Lauren Nicole for coming through huge, along with the ever so talented “Kris” Kristen Saia for amazing hair/make-up, also to “Mongo” Chris Kenny for the clutch photo-assisting. I hope you enjoy the images!

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BCP and Bruxley Shoot 3

The concept behind this shoot was focusing on androgynous expression of the beauty and power of a woman. I believe we conveyed a very current and fresh topic in todays world. Check it out and let me know what you think?


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De Los Muertos

Awesome shoot! Big thanks to stylist Aimee Bradley and Jenna Brucks, you do great work and it was a great pleasure to work alongside you . Model TraeLee Costello was on point and really devoted herself to our concept, she also demonstrated a great attitude and she was not afraid to take a lunge. Big ups to Alex Foster for capturing timeless motion images and the girls from Bruxley Style. You guys rock! Peep the images!


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Shay Davis is by far my favorite local artiest! He illustrates high concept pop surrealism in the most modern unique way. I believe he is the infamous present day Salvador Dali. His latest illustrations of the “Seven Deadly Sins” showcase his unique vision of topical issues, commented by his surreal style. What strikes me most about Shay? He cares so much about raising the bar as an artiest, and he believes in the recognition of other local artiest striving for survival and success, as well. Shay has the power to do so many great things with his vision and I truly can’t wait to see where he takes it next! Check out these pix from the ShayVision movie screening! More about ShayVision and his work go to http://www.shayvision.com/#home

Shay Vision01.jpgShay Vision02.jpgShay Vision03.jpgShay Vision04.jpgShay Vision05.jpgShay Vision06.jpgShay Vision07.jpgShay Vision08.jpgShay Vision09.jpgShay Vision10.jpgShay Vision11.jpgShay Vision12.jpgShay Vision13.jpgShay Vision14.jpgShay Vision15.jpg

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