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Tommy and Megan’s Wedding

TKMEGwedding001 Tommy and Megans WeddingTKMEGwedding002 Tommy and Megans WeddingTKMEGwedding003 Tommy and Megans WeddingTKMEGwedding004 Tommy and Megans WeddingTKMEGwedding005 Tommy and Megans WeddingTKMEGwedding006 Tommy and Megans WeddingTKMEGwedding007 Tommy and Megans WeddingTKMEGwedding008 Tommy and Megans WeddingTKMEGwedding009 Tommy and Megans WeddingTKMEGwedding010 Tommy and Megans WeddingTKMEGwedding011 Tommy and Megans WeddingTKMEGwedding012 Tommy and Megans WeddingTKMEGwedding013 Tommy and Megans WeddingTKMEGwedding014 Tommy and Megans WeddingTKMEGwedding015 Tommy and Megans WeddingTKMEGwedding016 Tommy and Megans WeddingTKMEGwedding018 Tommy and Megans WeddingTKMEGwedding019 Tommy and Megans WeddingTKMEGwedding020 Tommy and Megans WeddingTKMEGwedding021 Tommy and Megans WeddingTKMEGwedding022 Tommy and Megans WeddingTKMEGwedding023 Tommy and Megans WeddingTKMEGwedding024 Tommy and Megans WeddingTKMEGwedding025 Tommy and Megans WeddingTKMEGwedding026 Tommy and Megans WeddingTKMEGwedding027 Tommy and Megans WeddingTKMEGwedding028 Tommy and Megans WeddingTKMEGwedding029 Tommy and Megans WeddingTKMEGwedding030 Tommy and Megans WeddingTKMEGwedding031 Tommy and Megans WeddingTKMEGwedding032 Tommy and Megans WeddingTKMEGwedding033 Tommy and Megans WeddingTKMEGwedding034 Tommy and Megans WeddingTKMEGwedding035 Tommy and Megans WeddingTKMEGwedding036 Tommy and Megans WeddingTKMEGwedding037 Tommy and Megans WeddingTKMEGwedding038 Tommy and Megans WeddingTKMEGwedding039 Tommy and Megans WeddingTKMEGwedding041 Tommy and Megans WeddingTKMEGwedding042 Tommy and Megans WeddingTKMEGwedding043 Tommy and Megans WeddingTKMEGwedding044 Tommy and Megans WeddingTKMEGwedding045 Tommy and Megans WeddingTKMEGwedding046 Tommy and Megans WeddingTKMEGwedding047 Tommy and Megans WeddingTKMEGwedding048 Tommy and Megans WeddingTKMEGwedding049 Tommy and Megans WeddingTKMEGwedding050 Tommy and Megans WeddingTKMEGwedding051 Tommy and Megans WeddingTKMEGwedding052 Tommy and Megans WeddingTKMEGwedding053 Tommy and Megans WeddingTKMEGwedding054 Tommy and Megans WeddingTKMEGwedding055 Tommy and Megans WeddingTKMEGwedding056 Tommy and Megans WeddingTKMEGwedding057 Tommy and Megans WeddingTKMEGwedding058 Tommy and Megans WeddingTKMEGwedding059 Tommy and Megans WeddingTKMEGwedding060 Tommy and Megans WeddingTKMEGwedding061 Tommy and Megans WeddingTKMEGwedding062 Tommy and Megans WeddingTKMEGwedding063 Tommy and Megans WeddingTKMEGwedding064 Tommy and Megans WeddingTKMEGwedding065 Tommy and Megans Wedding
Could not of asked for a more picture perfect day to get married. These love birds finally tied the knot in La Jolla, and followed up with a perfect reception in Little Italy. Check out the colors jumping out of these images.

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Shellee and Steven’s Wedding

Just a small taste of all the great moments!

c34 SSedit21 Shellee and Stevens WeddingSSedit05 1 Shellee and Stevens Weddingc30 SSedit07 Shellee and Stevens Weddingc17 SSedit09 Shellee and Stevens WeddingSSedit08 1 Shellee and Stevens Weddingc68 SSedit11 Shellee and Stevens Weddingc25 SSedit12 Shellee and Stevens Weddingc35 SSedit13 Shellee and Stevens Weddingc78 SSedit14 Shellee and Stevens Weddingc93 SSedit18 Shellee and Stevens Weddingc29 SSedit17 Shellee and Stevens WeddingSSedit19 1 Shellee and Stevens Weddingc37 SSedit22 Shellee and Stevens Weddingc82 SSedit24 Shellee and Stevens WeddingSSedit25 1 Shellee and Stevens Weddingc12 SSedit23 Shellee and Stevens Weddingc80 SSedit20 Shellee and Stevens WeddingSSedit32 1 Shellee and Stevens Weddingc12 SSedit40 Shellee and Stevens Weddingc14 SSedit49 Shellee and Stevens Weddingc1 SSedit47 Shellee and Stevens WeddingSSedit48 1 Shellee and Stevens Weddingc20 SSedit42 Shellee and Stevens Weddingc28 SSedit45 Shellee and Stevens Weddingc29 SSedit31 Shellee and Stevens Weddingc34 SSedit28 Shellee and Stevens Weddingc34 SSedit44 Shellee and Stevens WeddingSSedit33 1 Shellee and Stevens Weddingc52 SSedit38 Shellee and Stevens Weddingc56 SSedit46 Shellee and Stevens Weddingc73 SSedit34 Shellee and Stevens WeddingSSedit37 1 Shellee and Stevens Weddingc73 SSedit35 Shellee and Stevens Weddingc80 SSedit29 Shellee and Stevens Weddingc94 SSedit39 Shellee and Stevens WeddingSSedit30 1 Shellee and Stevens Weddingc96 SSedit43 Shellee and Stevens Weddingc98 SSedit36 Shellee and Stevens Wedding

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Jaclyn and Mike’s Wedding

When you have a rockstar team it brings the richest and most pure moments to life! You have to see these Wedding images!

JM01 Jaclyn and Mikes WeddingJM02 Jaclyn and Mikes WeddingJM03 Jaclyn and Mikes WeddingJM04 Jaclyn and Mikes WeddingJM05 Jaclyn and Mikes WeddingJM06 Jaclyn and Mikes WeddingJM07 Jaclyn and Mikes WeddingJM08 Jaclyn and Mikes WeddingJM09 Jaclyn and Mikes WeddingJM10 Jaclyn and Mikes WeddingJM11 Jaclyn and Mikes WeddingJM12 Jaclyn and Mikes WeddingJM13 Jaclyn and Mikes WeddingJM14 Jaclyn and Mikes WeddingJM15 Jaclyn and Mikes WeddingJM16 Jaclyn and Mikes WeddingJM17 Jaclyn and Mikes WeddingJM18 Jaclyn and Mikes WeddingJM19 Jaclyn and Mikes WeddingJM20 Jaclyn and Mikes WeddingJM21 Jaclyn and Mikes WeddingJM22 Jaclyn and Mikes WeddingJM23 Jaclyn and Mikes WeddingJM24 Jaclyn and Mikes WeddingJM25 Jaclyn and Mikes WeddingJM26 Jaclyn and Mikes WeddingJM27 Jaclyn and Mikes WeddingJM28 Jaclyn and Mikes WeddingJM29 Jaclyn and Mikes WeddingJM30 Jaclyn and Mikes WeddingJM31 Jaclyn and Mikes WeddingJM32 Jaclyn and Mikes WeddingJM33 Jaclyn and Mikes WeddingJM34 Jaclyn and Mikes WeddingJM35 Jaclyn and Mikes WeddingJM36 Jaclyn and Mikes WeddingJM37 Jaclyn and Mikes WeddingJM38 Jaclyn and Mikes WeddingJM39 Jaclyn and Mikes WeddingJM40 Jaclyn and Mikes WeddingJM41 Jaclyn and Mikes WeddingJM42 Jaclyn and Mikes WeddingJM43 Jaclyn and Mikes WeddingJM44 Jaclyn and Mikes WeddingJM45 Jaclyn and Mikes WeddingJM46 Jaclyn and Mikes WeddingJM47 Jaclyn and Mikes WeddingJM48 Jaclyn and Mikes WeddingJM49 Jaclyn and Mikes WeddingJM50 Jaclyn and Mikes WeddingJM51 Jaclyn and Mikes WeddingJM52 Jaclyn and Mikes WeddingJM53 Jaclyn and Mikes WeddingJM54 Jaclyn and Mikes WeddingJM55 Jaclyn and Mikes WeddingJM56 Jaclyn and Mikes WeddingJM57 Jaclyn and Mikes WeddingJM58 Jaclyn and Mikes WeddingJM59 Jaclyn and Mikes WeddingJM60 Jaclyn and Mikes WeddingJM61 Jaclyn and Mikes WeddingJM62 Jaclyn and Mikes WeddingJM63 Jaclyn and Mikes WeddingJM64 Jaclyn and Mikes Wedding

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1pm Wedding

The 1 p.m. is always a challenge! The harsh light and hard shadows of a mid-day wedding can ruin your wedding images. Here is a great example of photographing a wedding during extreme light conditions. I achieved successful images by backlighting my subjects, using fill flash, and using open-shade to my advantage. This could of been a disaster for most, however, “the pro” executed seamless beauty.

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